Our Story

Welcome to BBE: Big Beard Energy, the result of a shared vision and a passion for grooming. Our company was founded in 2020 by Kevin and Alicia Jenkins, a dynamic married couple with a remarkable journey. Let us introduce ourselves and share our story. 

Kevin and Alicia embarked on their entrepreneurial journey after realizing their mutual love for the grooming industry. However, their path to BBE: Big Beard Energy was paved with diverse experiences and a deep commitment to their family.

In 2014, they entered into matrimony and have been blessed with three wonderful children: two beautiful girls and an adorable boy. Education played a significant role in shaping their professional journeys. Kevin attended Norfolk State University, where he honed his skills and acquired knowledge in Political Science and Pre-Law. Meanwhile, Alicia pursued her studies at Howard University, specializing in International Business and Accounting. Their education at Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs) instilled in them a strong sense of heritage, excellence, and community.

The couple's careers took different paths initially, with Kevin excelling as a coach, mentor, and leadership as an Operations Manager while Alicia found success in the Accounting field and later pursued her Masters in Accounting.

However, everything changed when the COVID-19 pandemic hit. The crisis sparked a profound shift in their lives, leading Alicia to reevaluate her career and follow her passion for haircare. In 2019, Alicia took a leap of faith and left her accounting job to pursue a career in the haircare industry. She obtained her cosmetology license, immersing herself in the world of haircare and gaining hands-on experience. She founded a successful women's haircare line, Rock Me Fabulous, driven by her dedication to providing exceptional products and empowering women to love on their crown and embrace their natural beauty.

Recognizing the opportunity to collaborate and expand their reach, Kevin and Alicia joined forces 1 year later. Combining their expertise and shared passion for grooming, they launched a men's beard and haircare line under the umbrella of BBE: Big Beard Energy. Their collaboration is a testament to their shared commitment to quality, innovation, and customer satisfaction.

At BBE: Big Beard Energy, we take pride in crafting premium grooming products tailored specifically for men. Each product is carefully formulated and rigorously tested to deliver outstanding results.

The couple's collective experiences and deep understanding of the industry fuel their drive to provide men with the finest beard and haircare solutions available. Beyond their professional pursuits, Kevin and Alicia remain devoted to their family and community. They draw inspiration from their children, instilling values of perseverance, creativity, and entrepreneurship.

Thank you for joining us on this incredible journey as we continue to redefine grooming excellence. With BBE: Big Beard Energy, Kevin and Alicia aim to empower individuals to embrace their unique styles, boost their confidence, and celebrate their natural beauty.



Embracing Our Energy: Who We Are

Introducing “Big Beard Energy (BBE),” a premier family-owned men's beard and haircare company dedicated to enhancing and celebrating the unique beauty of diverse hair textures. Big Beard Energy embodies a passion for crafting high-quality grooming products.

Driven by a commitment to provide top-notch care and nourishment, Big Beard Energy offers a range of carefully formulated products designed to meet the needs of all textured hair types and styles. From beard oils and butters to shampoos and conditioners, their collection combines the power of natural ingredients with innovative solutions to promote healthy, well-groomed hair and beards.

Big Beard Energy stands out not only for its exceptional products but also for its dedication to inclusivity, representation, and community empowerment. Through collaborations with local barbershops, education initiatives, and supporting black-owned businesses, they actively contribute to the growth and success of their customers and the wider community.

With their steadfast commitment to quality, diversity, and healthy grooming experiences, Big Beard Energy is revolutionizing the men's grooming industry, one beard and haircare product at a time. Discover the essence of self-care and elevate your grooming routine with Big Beard Energy, where excellence and cultural appreciation intertwine. Embrace your energy.

  • Embracing Our Mission: What We Do

    Celebrating diversity, fostering confidence and leadership.

    We are a black & family-owned men's beard and haircare company dedicated to providing exceptional grooming products that empower individuals to embrace their natural beauty (their energy).

  • Embracing Our Vision: Why We Do It

    Redefining grooming & inspiring greatness.

    We envision a world where men of all backgrounds confidently embrace their unique hair and beard styles, empowered by our premium products and guided by our heritage.

  • Embracing Our Values: How We Do It


    • Listen: We Empower by listening to one another
    • Embrace: Always embrace H.A.T.S (Honesty, Accountability, Teamwork & Service)
    • Awareness: Self Awareness = Accountability
    • Dependability: Do what you say and mean what you do.