Embracing Our Energy: Who We Are

Introducing “Big Beard Energy (BBE),” a premier family-owned men's beard and haircare company dedicated to enhancing and celebrating the unique beauty of diverse hair textures. Big Beard Energy embodies a passion for crafting high-quality grooming products.

Driven by a commitment to provide top-notch care and nourishment, Big Beard Energy offers a range of carefully formulated products designed to meet the needs of all textured hair types and styles. From beard oils and butters to shampoos and conditioners, their collection combines the power of natural ingredients with innovative solutions to promote healthy, well-groomed hair and beards.

Big Beard Energy stands out not only for its exceptional products but also for its dedication to inclusivity, representation, and community empowerment. Through collaborations with local barbershops, education initiatives, and supporting black-owned businesses, they actively contribute to the growth and success of their customers and the wider community.

With their steadfast commitment to quality, diversity, and healthy grooming experiences, Big Beard Energy is revolutionizing the men's grooming industry, one beard and haircare product at a time. Discover the essence of self-care and elevate your grooming routine with Big Beard Energy, where excellence and cultural appreciation intertwine. Embrace your energy.

  • Embracing Our Mission: What We Do

    Celebrating diversity, fostering confidence and leadership.

    We are a black & family-owned men's beard and haircare company dedicated to providing exceptional grooming products that empower individuals to embrace their natural beauty (their energy).

  • Embracing Our Vision: Why We Do It

    Redefining grooming & inspiring greatness.

    We envision a world where men of all backgrounds confidently embrace their unique hair and beard styles, empowered by our premium products and guided by our heritage.

  • Embracing Our Values: How We Do It


    • Listen: We Empower by listening to one another
    • Embrace: Always embrace H.A.T.S (Honesty, Accountability, Teamwork & Service)
    • Awareness: Self Awareness = Accountability
    • Dependability: Do what you say and mean what you do.